Refreshing Find: Locally Crafted Silk Road Soda


I’ve never been a fan of soda, but I was recently introduced to a brand I’m pretty crazy about. Roseville’s Silk Road sodas were inspired from traditional Persian family recipes, and the company likes to refer to them as “Mediterranean refreshers.” Light and gently carbonated, the sodas boast clear, pure flavors of cucumber (really—and it’s delicious), fruity pomegranate, and palate-enlivening mint, with just enough sweetness to enhance the flavors, not smother them. These locally made sodas would be fabulous for a picnic, to serve as a nonalcoholic selection at your next barbecue or dinner party, or as a scrumptious, after-workout reward. To find out more about the sodas and where you can purchase them, check out Silk Road’s website.