Piece of Cake


Already a hot trend in New York, Los Angeles and other big cities, cupcakes are finally catching on in Sacramento, where several cupcake shops, including Babycakes Bakery at 3675 J St., recently opened. At last, people can stop asking me when I’m going to open a restaurant, says local chef and American River College culinary instructor Teresa Urkofsky-Collins, who co-owns Babycakes with her husband, Gerald Collins, and former student Kristine Bertram. Urkofsky-Collins recently weighed in on her favorite piece of cake.

Why cupcakes?

Cupcakes are fun, and running a small bakery is more manageable than a restaurant. Your life doesn’t fall apart if the dishwasher calls in sick.

Cake or frosting: Which is more important?

Most people are either a cake or a frosting person. It’s like ketchup or mustard. But I’m definitely a frosting person. I remember as a little kid going to birthday parties and wanting the corner piece. I never outgrew it.

You’ve got some really unusual cupcakes, like banana split (banana cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting, chopped peanuts and a Morello cherry).

I’m trying to make them really unique and special. I wake up in the middle of the night and jot down cupcake ideas. Isn’t that crazy?

Do your wheels ever stop turning?

Well, right now I’m trying to decide whether to put whipped cream on top of a tangerine cupcake with lemon curd filling.

Why do people love cupcakes?

I think people love cupcakes because you have your own personal little cake&emdash;you don’t have to share it with anyone.