Need Some Dependable, Meaty Advice? Try Taylor's Market


It’s no secret in my family that when a piece of meat needs to be cooked…someone else is assigned to the task. Meat and I just don’t see eye to eye, and I always manage to over– or under-cook it, or forget to season it. But recently, with some very important (and very carnivorous) guests coming to dinner, I found myself alone – with no prospect of help in the kitchen to prepare the meal.

Glumly, I made my way to Taylor’s Market and told one of the butchers my sad tale. Did he, I asked, have a piece of meat that I simply couldn’t ruin? His eyes lit up, and he suggested prime rib. He then spent the next 10 minutes telling me in intricate detail what I needed to do to roast it perfectly. He even scribbled directions on the package, then asked me to repeat what he had said so we both knew I was ready to tackle the project.

Confidently, I headed home. I proceeded to follow his instructions, checking his handwritten notes often to ensure I was on track. As you probably guessed, the prime rib turned out magnificently, and was relished with great enthusiasm by my meat-loving guests. I appreciate Taylor’s commitment to quality – and their customers – and credit the thoughtful butcher’s advice (and notes) for a very successful dinner party.