More Than Just Produce at Our Local Farmers' Markets


We all know that our local neighborhood farmers’ market is an excellent place to purchase fresh, in-season, locally-grown produce. But did you know that many farmers’ markets also offer artisan-crafted products such as cheese, olive oil and wine; and larger markets – such as the spectacular downtown Sunday farmers’ market at 8th and W streets* – offer sustainably-raised pork, chicken, and beef, and even fish? I recently purchased some outstanding fresh wild line-caught King salmon from The Little Fish Company at the Sunday farmers’ market, whose impressive inventory of 100% wild-caught seafood (including white prawns, swordfish and Petrale sole) was as appealing as its cheery, knowledgeable customer service. I tucked the chunk of salmon in my bag along with fragrant, freshly-baked bread bought at a nearby stand, and enough beautiful produce to keep my family happy for a week.

*The downtown Sunday farmers’ market occurs from 8am to noon, year-round, in the State parking lot (under the freeway) at 8th and W Streets.