Make This One To Go


There are times when the idea of cooking is simply too exhausting; and the prospect of eating out at a busy restaurant is equally daunting. That’s when I decide to get “to go” food—but that doesn’t mean a burger from the local greasy dive or sticky takeout Chinese chow fun noodles. My philosophy is, why skimp on swankiness and sophisticated flavors when you order takeout food? It often surprises friends when they discover that I happily dine at home (in my bathrobe, I might add) on Lasagne Verdi alla Bolognese from Biba Restaurant, delectable, crusty fried chicken from Mama Kim Eats, and refreshing salad rolls (and Shaking Beef) from the Lemon Grass Restaurant. Last night, I devoured Centro Cocina Mexicana’s scrumptious Asada de Puercofork-tender, wood-grilled pork carnitas served on a bed of black beans, flanked by smoky grilled peppers and asparagus—straight out of the box in which they were packaged. Unorthodox? Yes. Comfortable? Absolutely.