Lunch at Seasons 52


Last week, I had the chance to dine at Seasons 52, the new restaurant that took over the spot formerly occupied by Fresh Choice at Arden Fair. The outing was a treat on many levels.

Did you ever dine at Fresh Choice when it was at the mall? If you did, when you step into Seasons 52, you will not recognize the place. I’m talking major overhaul—from the dark, upscale interior to the separate bar, dining and reception areas. I am not even sure the bathrooms were in the same place (though I’ll bet for plumbing purposes they were).

We tried a variety of menu options. Faves at our table included the roasted red pepper hummus, cedar roasted tofu (part of the Vegetarian Platter), organic mixed greens salad and cedar plank roasted salmon. The menu’s tagline is “Seasonally inspired cooking with every item less than 475 calories.” That’s a nice thing to read for the health-conscious, though, let’s face it, if you pick two or more items from the menu (say an appetizer and a main or a flatbread and an entrée salad), your count is going to add up quickly—especially if you indulge in one of the mini desserts (also less than 475 calories each). Still, it’s nice to know there isn’t one item that’s going to bust your calorie limit for the day.

Perhaps the nicest part of the afternoon was the opportunity to dine with fellow editors, D and K. We don’t get out much for lunch together these days and the trip to Seasons 52 harkened back to simpler, maybe less frenetically busy times.