Lucca's New Summer Heat


Bartender Trent Dean of Lucca Restaurant and Bar recently created a refreshing but delightfully palate-warming cocktail called “Summer Heat”–a spirited thirst-quencher on a hot Sacramento afternoon. Crafted from rum, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, sliced jalapeno peppers and elderflower liquor–all mixed vigorously together (“You get better color and mint flavor that way,” he explains)–the pretty green drink is just sweet enough, with an invigorating, breezy flavor that has just an edge of heat that lingers in your mouth long after the cocktail is polished off. I relished Dean’s Summer Heat–and paired it with Lucca’s fabulous, crusty fried calamari, which also incorporates Kalamata olives, strips of red and yellow bell pepper, and whisper-thin slices of fennel.