Local Summer Produce Showcased at Source Global Tapas Restaurant


I had a terrific dinner this weekend at Source Global Tapas Restaurant in Granite Bay. Two captivating dishes beautifully celebrated the agricultural bounty of Sacramento summer:  the “Imagination” watermelon salad paired local Vierra Farms’ sweet, refreshing melon with snappy, assertive arugula, roasted pistachios and creamy, tangy chevre cheese. A generous dusting of peppery Japanese togarashi pulled all the elements together in a surprising and delicious way. The kitchen also featured dazzling slices of honey-drizzled peaches (grown at Placer County’s lauded Twin Peaks Farm) with arugula, roasted chopped Marcona almonds and finely grated, nutty-earthy Estero Gold cheese. These are two tapas you’ll want to try before they’re gone for the season.