Krush Burger’s Sweet Potato Tots: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot


It’s best not to count calories when patronizing a food truck, particularly one like Krush Burger. Loaded with thigh-thickening ingredients like bacon, crispy-fried onions and red pepper aioli, Krush’s fabulous burgers will definitely compromise even the most well-thought-out diet plan. But once you’ve moved into in the “it’s-time-to-indulge-myself” mindset, the sky’s the limit – or at least that’s how I felt recently, as I ordered up the food truck’s barbecue-sauce-slathered ”Cowbell” burger and juicy “Ninja” burger (composed with grilled Koran short ribs). I figured I was so far gone that I needed to go just a little farther – which was why I ordered a side of Krush’s sweet potato tots. Enticing, crusty little pumpkin-colored nuggets, they’re vaguely reminiscent of elementary school tater tots – with a decidedly sophisticated twist. I loved their slightly sweet flavor and wonderful texture, especially when they were piping hot. As they cooled, they lost some of their crunchy/soft appeal – which is why, the next time I order them, I will devour (all of) them before I tuck into my Krush burgers.