'Grazing on Grasslands 101'


Passionate about healthy food production, land preservation and soil integrity? Solano County’s Soul Food Farm has recently announced a new educational outreach program called FarmSchool that may pique your interest. The mission of the program is to “create forums on sustainable farming practices and the importance of rich, viable soil.” FarmSchool will be presenting a day-long event at Soul Food farm in Vacaville on March 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. titled “Grazing on Grasslands 101.”  The event will feature Allan Savory, founder of the Savory Institute, who will discuss the importance of revitalizing grassland ecosystems through herd animal grazing and the significant role it can play in reversing global soil damage. Also highlighted will be Nicolette Hahn-Niman, an author, environmental attorney and rancher, who will argue that cattle grazing is key to mitigating soil damage caused by industrial livestock production. Her latest book, Defending Beef, claims that responsible cattle ranching is essential to maintaining healthy air, soil and water.

For more information and to purchase tickets to the event, visit Brown Paper Tickets. To learn more about Soul Food Farm, visit its website