Gettin' Figgy at the Farmers' Market


Local farmers’ markets are teeming with gorgeous, ripe, end-of-summer produce. In amongst the heirloom tomatoes, peaches and lemon cucumbers, you’ll now find freshly-plucked figs. Versatile and unique, figs can be enjoyed in a number of ways – in salads, paired with cheese, or even baked atop a luscious open-faced galette. But if you’ve never tried roasting this delicate fruit, it’s time to pull out the baking pan and follow pastry chef David Lebovitz’ fabulous recipe for roasted figs. Lebovitz creatively pairs fresh thyme and lemon zest with figs, then tosses them with honey and brown sugar before roasting. The resulting fruit is sublime, intense, and delicious when piled atop vanilla bean ice cream (or served with biscotti).

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