Five Tasty Plates


As a food writer, I have the extraordinary luck of dining regularly at a wide variety of restaurants throughout the region. Occasionally, I’ll have a week or two where I encounter a slew of seriously tasty dishes. Here’s five I relished recently:

Skuna Bay Salmon

Ella Dining Room & Bar

Perched on a bed of Brussels sprouts and sweet caramelized onion, Ella’s perfect slab of Skuna Bay salmon is flaky and moist on the inside and irresistibly crispy on the outside. To add some extra zest to the meal, pair the fish with a glass of the restaurant’s freshly-made basil-mint lemonade.

Garlic Chicken Kabob

Café Morocco

Arranged prettily atop tender saffron rice, Café Morocco’s chicken kabob is chopped, then drizzled with a fragrant and (very) garlicky cream sauce. Garnished with a roasted chunk of green bell pepper and tomato, the delectable dish is one of the restaurant’s most popular.

Corned Beef Hash

Four Sisters Café

I’ve been a loyal fan of Lucky Café’s corned beef hash for many years, but I’ve recently found a worthy competitor – Four Sisters Café’s version is pretty darned delicious. A generous portion of the house-made hash is piled atop soft chunks of red-skinned breakfast potatoes flecked with bell peppers and onions, then the ensemble is topped with the eggs of your choice. Don’t forget to ask for a freshly-baked biscuit to scoop it all up.

Endive Salad


Ten22’s endive salad is a real palate-refresher. Tossed in a vibrant cider vinaigrette, the dish features shaved apples and toasted walnuts with salty chunks of blue cheese. Still craving veggies? Tuck into the kitchen’s earthy, satisfying cabbage pizzetta, which is embellished with intensely-flavored dried balsamic figs and caramelized onion.

Guanajuato Enchiladas


These feisty enchiladas (I like them filled with chicken) are napped in a vivacious tomatillo sauce enlivened with poblano and jalapeno chiles and a generous addition of cilantro. Adorned with a crunchy tuft of cabbage, chopped white onions and more fresh cilantro, the enchiladas are deliciously finished with a touch of sour cream and crumbles of cotija cheese.