First-Rate Sushi (and More) at Midtown's Kru


There’s no shortage of places in which we can enjoy sushi in Sacramento. From the rollicking, fun-focused Mikuni restaurants to more mellow, quiet neighborhood establishments like midtown’s Ju Hachi, there’s a great array of choices. But when I want to get serious about sushi, I head to Kru on J Street. Kru owner and sushi chef Billy Ngo, an artisan who crafts thoughtful, inspired cuisine, is considered to be a “chef’s chef” – one whose fare is sought out (and appreciated) by his colleagues on their nights off.

We recently had a stellar meal at Kru, which started with Ngo’s crusty Kabocha squash tempura, accompanied by a subtle and creamy miso aioli. The three specialty rolls we sampled – the Great White, the Rainbow and the Caterpillar – were all fantastic, featuring very fresh ingredients and distinctive, vibrant flavor combinations. On other visits, I have savored a number of the kitchen’s small plates (nibblers – you’re in luck: Kru has a great list of appetizer-sized dishes), including the succulent house-made pork gyoza and the hamachi tuna carpaccio, topped with thin slices of jalapeno chili and enlivened with a brisk, palate-cleansing ponzu sauce.

A note to dessert-lovers: Don’t miss Kru’s delectable tempura-fried cheesecake, topped with green tea ice cream.