First Bite: Rick’s Dessert Diner


If you haven’t heard, Rick’s Dessert Diner moved recently to a new and much bigger location on J Street in midtown Sacramento. Longtime fans of the landmark establishment will be glad to know that owner Ahmed Eita has carefully replicated the 1950s vibe in this new space, complete with a jukebox, black-and-white checkered floors and a large painting of Marilyn Monroe on a back wall. The diner’s well-loved dessert lineup also remains the same—patrons can still get the eye-poppingly huge slices of cake, fruit pies and pastries they enjoyed at Rick’s original location—the lines are just shorter (and there’s more room to settle in at a table with your friends). Recent sweets I enjoyed included a fabulous square of creamy tiramisu and a decadent chocolate caramel mousse tart.