First Bite: Midtown’s New Plan B


I was excited this week to try the new Plan B restaurant, which recently opened in midtown in the spot formerly occupied by Capitol Dawg. The transformation of the space is absolutely stunning – if you were a patron of Capitol Dawg, you may need to rub your eyes a few times when you enter this interesting, sleek new eatery. Fans of the flagship Plan B in the Arden-Arcade neighborhood will notice some similarities with the original spot’s dark, earthy colors, which lend a cozy intimacy; and the two restaurants share many of the same menu items. Lines are spare and clean, and the space features springy leather banquettes, colorful French posters and a bustling open kitchen. But the most unusual aspect of the restaurant is its lack of traditional waitstaff – patrons simply select their meal (including beverages) from a Presto touchscreen tablet located on their table (which, by the way, offers games to play if you’re feeling bored). Standout menu items from my visit included ethereal, doll-sized raviolis stuffed with Compté cheese and drizzled with crème fraiche; a dazzling butter lettuce salad embellished with toasted walnuts, Roquefort cheese and sun-dried cherries; and a velvety, elegant crème brûlée.