First Bite: Hock Farm Craft & Provisions


I had an opportunity this week to dine at Hock Farm Craft & Provisions, a new restaurant located across from the Capitol building that is generating a great deal of excitement amongst the city’s food lovers.

 Occupying the former Spataro sit-down restaurant space on L street, Hock Farm has opened on the heels of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s proud proclamation of Sacramento as the “Farm-to-Fork Capital of America,” and aims to showcase the region’s “rich history and bountiful terrain.”

 The transformation of the space is dazzling – Spataro’s dim lighting, sturdy booths and hushed ambience are gone – diners now enjoy an open, sunny interior and crisp white brick walls. Sprigs of rosemary and bowls of fresh citrus adorn the spare, contemporary wood tables, and shiny metallic accents throughout the space add additional brightness. The noise level has elevated substantially, however, so be prepared to lean in and raise your voice to talk with friends while dining during peak hours.

 Standout dishes included a fabulous asparagus fritto misto, punctuated with artichoke hearts, lemon slices and baby fava beans; and a vivacious, pistachio-speckled roasted beet salad, enlivened with chunks of ruby grapefruit and bathed in a citrus vinaigrette. The first-rate pizza of the day featured asparagus and mushrooms; and a fanciful small plate of Dixon lamb and beef “kabobs” (which looked and tasted suspiciously like meatballs) were perched in a bracing minted yogurt, providing an entertaining and tasty nosh for the table.

 If you’re caught up in Sacramento’s “Farm to Fork” fever and are eager to experience regionally-focused cuisine, Hock Farm Craft & Provisions is one restaurant you’ll definitely want to visit.