First Bite: Fair Oaks' Mighty Tavern


I had an opportunity last week to visit Mighty Tavern, the new restaurant which has recently taken over the space last occupied (for many years) by La Bohème. Gone is the buttoned-up, sophisticated ambiance of La Bohème, a traditional French restaurant specializing in exotic game meat: the dining area has been opened up and has an airy, more casual feel. Young waitstaff eagerly attend to patrons, and the menu is decidedly American in flavor. I devoured the kitchen’s excellent bowl of steamed mussels, punctuated with bacon and salt-roasted potatoes; and a pretty, simple cavatappi pasta dish featured a curious scoop of walnut “sauce” atop a colorful tumble of crispy-cooked asparagus chunks and sweet cherry tomatoes. Asparagus and cherry tomatoes also played a starring role in a delicate Skuna Bay salmon entrée, embellished with soft roasted fingerling potatoes. And a triple-chocolate pudding, topped with a frothy pouf of whipped cream, was garnished with a whimsical, rooster-shaped chocolate cookie – a sweet ending to a very pleasant meal.