Feeling Mediterranean? Try These Three Dishes


I’ll often get into a space where I crave one style of food, and will keep eating it (and eating it) until I’m finally burned out and can move onto something new. My latest food crush was Mediterranean cuisine, and it took several weeks to satisfy my (seemingly insatiable) hunger. Three exceptional dishes were the stars of my food wanderings:


Pikilia Platter (above), Greek Village Inn
I have been a fan of this enticing appetizer platter for many years. Simply presented and utterly satisfying, it includes the restaurant’s excellent gyros, spanakopita, tyropita, dolmathes and tzatziki – all served up with cushy pita bread and assertive, briny chuks of feta cheese.


Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Carpe Vino

Leave it to Carpe Vino in Auburn to elevate a traditional dish to ethereal heights. Chef Eric Alexander’s incredibly tender, moist lamb meatballs were composed on a daub of tangy cucumber yogurt, drizzled with a bracing charmoula sauce and topped with a soft lump of just-spicy-enough Gypsy pepper harissa.


Chicken Tagine, Café Morocco

This exotic, beautifully-flavored dish is one of the best that friendly little Café Morocco offers.  Chicken is marinated in cilantro and Moroccan spices, then cooked with artichokes, potatoes and green olives and served with a fragrant mound of rice. Pair this robust entrée with the restaurant’s yummy humus dip and baba ganooj.