Veggie Surplus? Make a Quiche


It’s easy to over-buy fruits and veggies at the farmers’ market, especially during summertime when there is such a rich variety from which to choose. Whenever I have a surplus of vegetables (which is often), I make a quiche or two for friends and family – it’s the perfect palette for a wide range of produce. There’s no hard and fast rule about what veggies you should put in a quiche – everything from sautéed baby artichokes and spinach to broccoli, fava beans and even leftover (cooked) potatoes can be incorporated into a quiche. I like adding sautéed red bell peppers and yellow onions for a touch of sweetness, and fresh tomato slices are always pretty when laid on the top. It’s also fun to experiment with the cheeses you use in a quiche – an essential ingredient, cheese not only adds flavor, it creates a barrier between the pastry and the liquid custard which helps to promote a nice, crisp bottom crust. My go-to quiche cheeses are Gruyère and feta, but there are many with which you can experiment, including cheddar, Monterey Jack, Parmesan and Jarlsburg. The custard is also a personal choice – for a very rich quiche, use cream or half and half; for a lighter quiche use whole milk or even fat-free milk to combine with the eggs. As for the crust – well, homemade is always the best – but there are some good frozen pie shells on the market for time-crunched home cooks.

For inspiration, check out the Food Network’s quiche recipe page.