Need Produce Recipes? Check Out the Capay Valley Farm Shop Website


Wondering what to do with that rainbow chard, butternut squash or bowl of persimmons sitting forlornly in your kitchen? I discovered a fun resource for produce recipes through the Capay Valley Farm Shop website that can be an inspiration for stumped cooks. The Farm Shop, which offers a CSA box filled with local, seasonal produce gathered from a network of over 30 small family farms, wants to ensure that its subscribers know what to do with all the beautiful fruits and vegetables they receive. The recipes you find on the site range from appetizers, soups and salads to main courses, side dishes and desserts. Have too much kale or escarole? Try the White Bean and Greens Soup. Need to use up an abundance of cilantro? See the section on “6 Uses for Cilantro in the Kitchen” (hint: toss chopped cilantro with Asian noodles or rice dishes just before serving). Want to whip up a quick summery pie in the middle of winter? Try Mother’s Dried Apricot Pie. This informative site also guides visitors to resources for local eggs, preserves, olive oil, pasture-raised chickens and more.