Hankering for Freshly-Grown Veggies? Visit Magpie Cafe


The first day of summer (June 21st) is rapidly approaching, and the region’s farms are teeming with gorgeous vegetables. Eager to savor the season’s agricultural bounty, I hit the jackpot by stopping into midtown’s Magpie Cafe. This cheery establishment, a staunch supporter of small family-owned farms, had two menu items that showcased a cornucopia of local veggies: the spring risotto, dotted with fava beans, snap peas and English peas, sang with the vivacious flavors of mint and lemon zest, and was finished with a sprinkling of aged Jack cheese. The kitchen’s seasonal vegetable plate was a dazzler: purple carrots, endive, parsnip, sunchokes, broccolini and asparagus were braised and roasted, then partnered with heirloom beans and drizzled with Arbosana olive oil. If you’re ready to revel in the season’s freshest produce, check out Magpie Cafe, which changes its menu daily.