Ella Celebrates National Burger Month With Unique “Farm-to-Fork” Burgers


Did you know May is National Burger Month? Sacramento burgermeisters are celebrating this important foodie month in a variety of creative ways. Chef Ravin Patel at Ella Dining Room & Bar is keeping it very local with his array of lunch burgers, which are available through the end of May. His irresistibly juicy lamb burger is made from local Dixon lamb, garnished with Sacramento-grown spring onions, green garlic jam and regionally-crafted goat cheese . . . accompanied by a “farmers market avocado salad.” The succulent (Pacific Coast) tuna burger features pickled carrots, daikon and ginger sourced from the downtown Sunday Asian farmers’ market; and a rustic nutburger (containing walnuts, pecans, macademia nuts and almonds) is adorned with local baby squash and red onions grown at West Sacramento’s Watanabe Farms. If you’re in the mood to celebrate National Burger Month and enjoy supporting small local farmers, drop in to Ella to try Chef Patel’s intriguing burger selection.