A Sweet Local Treat: Henry’s Bullfrog Bees Honey


I discovered some marvelous honey recently at the Davis farmers’ market, produced by the Harlan family in Winters.

Fifth-generation farmers, the Harlans own over 4,000 bee hives, which they use for pollination in their own almond orchards. The hives are also placed in a number of wildflower fields and orange and tangerine groves, ranging from Yolo, Sacramento, Solano, and Colusa counties to Bodega Bay and Petaluma.

Henry’s Bullfrog Bees Honey is extracted from the comb without heat (which preserves its beneficial enzymes), sieved through stainless steel strainers (preserving trace pollen grains and nutrients), and then hand-bottled and labeled by the Harlan family.

Henry’s varieties include Spring Blossom, Orange Blossom, Lavender and Star Thistle; and the products are available at the Davis Co-op, the Davis farmers’ market and local Nugget markets.