Fair Food


I’m gearing up to make my annual pilgrimage to the State Fair this weekend. On the list of things to do: check out the exhibits, experience the Shopper’s Expo (because, c’mon now, those salespeople, God love ’em, are an “experience”), watch some great shows, walk through the always-soothing floriculture area (conveniently located next to Save Mart Supermarkets Wine Country) and cruise through the midway.

What am I missing? Oh, the food! And who can forget the food? I understand raccoon on a stick, a maggot melt sandwich and deep-fried alligator (pictured) are among this year’s offerings. Ugh! No thanks! But that’s OK, there are plenty of other indulgent foods to try this year. I hear the roasted corn on the cob is really good. I’ve never had it personally, but my co-worker said it was good last year. I also love the artichoke stand where you can get an artichoke sandwich, which comes with sprouts on it. I just think it’s hilarious that you can get a deep-fried artichoke sandwich with sprouts on it. (I hope they are serving that sandwich again this year because I know I just sold you on it with the sprouts.) Oh, I have to get an egg roll on a stick. There’s also a yummy-looking—and more health-conscious—pita wrap.

Who wants healthy at the fair, you ask? It’s all about balance, my friends. You can have the pita wrap for dinner, then you can have the deep-fried Kool-Aid for dessert. Or go traditional with funnel cake. Or head inside building B for a giant cinnamon roll. (Hey, if you get something from one part of the fair—say the midway—and then get something from another part of the fair, they cancel each other out, right?)

OK, one thing that sounds kinda gross but is too intriguing to miss: Deep-fried butter!

I’d better hit the running trail, stat!