Fabulous Al Fresco Summer Dining at Zocalo


Our Sacramento summer days may be blazing hot, but they often give way to seductive, balmy evenings that make al fresco dining an absolute delight. The city is full of terrific outdoor restaurant patios, but one of my favorites is at Zocalo, located on the corner of 18th street and Capitol Avenue. Not only is this popular spot located in the very heart of the hip dining scene in midtown, but it offers some of the best people-watching (and fresh-made guacamole) in the neighborhood. We settled into a table on the patio recently, reveling in the gorgeous night air, and were rewarded with the bar’s refreshing, lively mojito and fruity, just-sweet-enough blackberry margarita. And for dinner? Zocalo’s marvelous beer-battered fish tacos, loaded with cilantro-flecked pico de gallo, a creamy chipotle aioli, radish slices and a crunchy tuft of cabbage.