Ernesto's Mexican Food: Save Room for Flan


If you like Mexican food, chances are you’re familiar with Ernesto’s in midtown. This festive dining spot is a favorite of my family – we often order the kitchen’s zesty, tomatillo sauce-drenched enchiladas suizas and the tender, crusty carnitas. But one of the best reasons to visit Ernesto’s (and its sister restaurant, Zocalo) is its distinctive and delicious flan. Sturdier and less “eggy” than other flans I have tried (the recipe incorporates cream cheese, an untraditional ingredient), the wedge of creamy, smooth custard sits in a pool of light, intensely-flavored caramel sauce which is so tasty I would lick the plate if no one was looking. It can be difficult to resist Ernesto’s crunchy corn chips and warm black bean sauce, but a little self-control will help you to save room for this sweet treat.