Drink Local: 2 Invigorating Quaffs


Late February’s unseasonably warm weather prompted me to seek out some refreshing beverages—and I hit the jackpot with two locally crafted products.

Crispin “The Saint” Natural Hard Apple Cider

Not a fan of hard cider? You should give this enticing beverage a try—it just may change your mind. Smooth, complex, and just sweet enough, the artisanal small-batch cider is created (in nearby Colfax) from fresh-pressed apple juice that’s been fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeasts. “Smoothed” with organic maple syrup, this sophisticated cider would be a great match with roast pork and chicken, Asian cuisine, Indian curries and barbecue.

Rubicon Brewing Company India Pale Ale

This lip-smacking, lusty ale floods your palate with a well-balanced, crisp bitterness that is sure to assuage even your thirstiest thirst—and taste great in the process. An award-winning IPA, this robust, golden beer—brewed right here in midtown Sacramento—is Rubicon’s flagship ale.