Culinary Adventure: Red Star International Groceries


Once in a while, we all stumble across an unusual or hard-to-find ingredient in a recipe we want to make. If your unusual ingredient happens to be stockfish, an exotic spice, jackfruit, pink taro root or . . . a goat’s head, I recommend you visit south Sacramento’s Red Star International Groceries. This low-key, no-frills market carries an extraordinary array of products, supporting a wide range of ethnic communities in the Sacramento region. If you are exploring African, Caribbean or Latin American cuisine, chances are you’ll find what you need at this convivial little store. I visited recently and was astounded by Red Star’s collection of (frozen) international meats (Jamaican beef patties, anyone?) and seafood, canned goods, beverages and bulk items (including ground Nigerian ogbono and Andean maiz cancha). Culinary adventurers, Red Star is a dazzling field trip opportunity.

7245 East Parkway, Sacramento; (916) 391-4290