Chicago Fire at the Palladio in Folsom


The new, cavernous Chicago Fire in Folsom’s Palladio mall opened Monday, meaning now there’s one more location where my kid can rave about the salad.

The salad?

That’s right, the salad. My 12-year-old loves Chicago Fire’s house salad. It’s the red onions mixed in with the romaine lettuce, she says, and the yummy tomatoes and the garlicky, salty croutons, that make it so good. I have to agree with her, although I go for the pizza first. Who wouldn’t? Have you ever tried one of Chicago Fire’s stuffed pies? It takes 40 minutes from the time you order to the time it arrives, steaming and tomatoey, on your table’s pizza rack, but it is worth the wait. The Chicago Fire Combo, packed with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and onions, is a best seller, as is the spinach and mushroom—a most delicious way to eat vegetarian. You’ll find all the other menu favorites, too, including the thin crust (the traditional is great) and the deep dish. Take a to-go box for that extra pizza and top off your meal with a chocolate chip pizza, which is chocolate chip cookie dough baked in a deep dish pan, then topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

The Palladio location is Chicago Fire’s fourth location—others are in midtown Sacramento, Roseville and on Sutter Street in Folsom. The Palladio has a full bar—beer, wine and lots of fancy cocktails, including an old school aviation martini and a Chi Town Top Shelf margarita—and includes outdoor seating with heat lamps. Perfect for winter.