Check It Out: The Co-op's Learning Center


Summer has its charms, but it also provides some unique challenges: bored, restless kids; an over-abundance of zucchini and tomatoes; and an aversion to hot foods. I recently discovered, however, that the Sacramento Food Co-op’s LearningCenter seems to have a solution for all our summer vexations.

Enroll your kids and teens in the Co-op’s weekly cooking camps, which feature hands-on, global, fun-to-make recipes (slurpable soba noodles! tropical fruit smoothies!) and “fitness breaks” (what kid doesn’t like to hula dance and hip hop?).  There’s also classes to help you wrangle that lovely pile of garden/orchard produce (“Eggplant Extravaganza;” “Preserving the Harvest: Stone Fruit”), and instruction on how to create cold, tasty snacks for the family when it’s just too darned hot to fire up the barbecue (see “Fabulous Frozen Treats”).