Check It Out: Taylor's Sweet Dessert Selection


I’m a big fan of Land Park’s Taylor’s Market, a wonderful little neighborhood grocery store whose butcher shop is one of the best in the city. The market also has a great selection of wines, produce and cheeses—and lately their dessert lineup has expanded considerably. But what’s unique about Taylor’s sweets is that most of them are available in individual packages, which means that you don’t have to buy a whole cake or pie if you’re only hankering for one slice. It also means that you can buy lots of different treats for the price of one big dessert, which is especially enticing when friends are coming over for dinner—what’s more fun than digging into a colorful, interesting dessert platter? Recently I savored the market’s dense, fragrant Meyer lemon cake, whose comforting simplicity paired beautifully with a cup of hot tea; and the decadent, scrumptious chocolate cream pie, whose Oreo crust was a delightfully crunchy foil for the velvety-smooth chocolate pudding and poufy whipped cream top.