Check it Out: Sam's Kosher Style Restaurant & Delicatessen


Sam’s Restaurant & Delicatessen, located on Greenback Lane in Fair Oaks, has been serving up nurturing, rib-sticking Kosher-style fare since 1970. This is the place to come for chicken matzo ball soup (the perfect antidote for a broken heart or a case of the gloomies), cheese blintzes, stuffed cabbage rolls (they’re marvelous) and hot brisket. I love the restaurant’s simple, wholesome corned beef plate, piled with boiled potatoes, a big chunk of cooked cabbage, herb-flecked carrot coins and a pickle – and the buttery, thick, soul-satisfying Rueben sandwich, made on the best rye bread I’ve ever tasted.

8121 Greenback Lane, Fair Oaks; (916) 726-7267