Broken Heart? Grouchy Day? Comfort Yourself With These Dishes


Some days, we just need to find a way to beat the gloomies. When I’m sad, cranky or stressed out, I’m likely to reach for one of these five nurturing items:

Wor Wonton Soup

Shanghai Garden

Teeming delectably with pink shrimp, chunks of chicken breast and barbecued pork, this generous portion of scrumptious soup also includes an array of vegetables (snow peas, Savoy cabbage and earthy mushroom caps) along with its plump dumplings. The aroma alone is enough to lift your spirits.

Meatloaf Dinner Plate

Dad’s Kitchen, Sacramento

This bacon-wrapped slab of comfort, served atop mashed potatoes and gravy, is prepared from grass-fed ground beef, veal and pork. Topped with a sweet house-made barbecue sauce, the meatloaf is accompanied by a generous pile of seasonal vegetables. Pair it with one of the restaurant’s excellent draft ales.

Rick’s Pizza


Feel an overwhelming desire to carb-load when you’re down in the dumps? Reach for OneSpeed’s delicious “Rick’s Pizza,” topped with new potatoes, salty bits of pancetta, olives and goat cheese, with a cheery, bright snap of arugula. The smoky, crackly thin crust and tantalizing ingredient combination are guaranteed to put the spring back in your step.

Huevos Rancheros

INK Eats and Drinks

I adore INK’s version of huevos rancheros- this lavish dish is an excellent way to kick-start (and transform) a grumpy morning. Black beans are spread across the plate, then topped with a crispy-chewy corn tortilla loaded with cheddar and queso fresco cheeses, spicy housemade salsa and the eggs of your choice. The ensemble is garnished with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of chopped green onions – and tastes even better with a (mood-lifting) Bloody Mary.

Pork Ribs

MacQue’s Bar-B-Que, Sacramento

Sink your teeth into MacQue’s dreamy, sauce-slathered pork ribs and feel your worries drift away. Tender and satisfying, these meaty treasures come with your choice of side dishes – I’m partial to the nurturing, just-like-grandma’s greens and fragrant baked beans.