Bombay Bar and Grill Hits the Spot


I had a serious craving for Indian food last night, so I stopped by Bombay Bar and Grill on 21st Street in midtown for some takeout. I was warmly greeted the moment I walked through the door. I craved Chana Sag (garbanzo beans and spinach), but I wanted it “Thali style,” which includes dal, raita, vegetable of the day and naan. Not all Indian restaurants offer takeout this way, but Bombay does. The server informed me of the vegetable of the day—to ensure it was to my liking—inquired about the spice level I wanted in my food (mild! I’m a wimp!) and promptly gave me a tall glass of water to drink while I waited at the bar. The food was packaged and ready to go within 10 minutes. And the generous portions left me enough for lunch today. As I was preparing to leave, the server thanked me for coming in and said, “Come back again, and eat here next time.”
I definitely will.