Blackberry Pie Lust


 Several weekends ago, my kids and I went out foraging for the last of the season’s wild blackberries. We emerged from the adventure scratched, hot and tired, but laden with enough berries to make three pies.

We strategized and decided to spread out the pie-eating pleasure by baking one immediately, then freezing the other berries for pies in the upcoming weeks. My daughter and I set to work, and by late afternoon we had a warm, crusty, berry-packed pastry steaming enticingly on the counter. I had to go out that evening, and when I returned, I noticed about half the pie was already gone…and my children’s mouths were suspiciously purple-stained. By the end of the following day, the pie had disappeared – one piece handed out to a neighbor…another slab devoured by grandma, and the remainder finished off by my kids. I didn’t get a single piece.

Grumpily, I visited TreyBcakes bakery, where I discovered the shop’s beautiful mini blackberry pies. I bought one and savored its sweet, comforting flavor – and while it didn’t taste quite like our home-baked version, it certainly took the edge off my pie lust. But the next blackberry pie I make is going to be stored in my bedroom – and I just might put a lock on the door.