Best. Strawberries. Ever.


Beautiful fresh strawberries abound this season, but I’ll tell you a secret—I drive to Davis for mine. Why? Because I discovered, years ago, a teeny little produce stand/shack on Covell Boulevard that offers the most mind-blowing strawberries I have ever tasted. The shack sits directly in front of a strawberry field, and sometimes you have to wait at an unstaffed counter, dust swirling around you, as the owner returns from the field, laden with sun-warmed, just-plucked berries (which he then places on the counter, in front of you, ready for sale). The delicate, perfumey strawberries are picked at their very peak of ripeness—which means that they are best when consumed the day you buy them. Eat them from the basket, scattered on top of shortbread or poundcake, or incorporated into the most delicious homemade strawberry ice cream (or strawberry-rhubarb pie) you have ever tasted. Once you savor these berries’ heady, intense flavor, you’ll be hooked. Note: the stand also sells a handful of other produce, from watermelons and apricots to heirloom tomatoes.

To get there: Take Highway 80 to Davis, and merge onto Highway 113 toward Woodland. Take the Covell Boulevard exit, and make a left on Covell. Pass over Lake Boulevard and proceed for approximately 1/3 mile. The stand is on on the left.