A Bubbly Evening at Lounge on 20


 Cranky, hot and thirsty, I stopped in at Lounge ON20 a few nights ago to cool my heels and reboot a tired palate. I couldn’t have picked a more restorative venue – the restaurant’s porch was breezy and shaded, and the sparkling wine-based cocktails I chose quickly and effervescently electrified my taste buds. The first – a goblet of bubbly embellished with an Angostura bitters-soaked sugar cube and garnished with a twisty strip of lemon peel – offered an aromatic, refreshing quaff. But the second was a real knockout – the bar’s hot pink “Cast Away” featured Spanish cava sparkling wine infused with a teeny hibiscus flower, bits of rhubarb, lavender and citrus bitters – an imaginative and vivacious mood-lifter on a hot, sticky Sacramento evening.