5 Great Seafood Dishes


Hankering for a tasty dose of seafood? Here’s five dishes that are sure to satisfy:


Pan-Seared Salmon

Roxy Restaurant and Bar

Roxy’s excellent, crusty-crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside salmon is placed atop a creamy pile of green garlic mashed potatoes and drizzled with a lovely ruby red grapefruit béarnaise sauce. Speckled with chopped chives, this fetching dish is a delicious celebration of early spring.


Seafood Rice Noodle Soup

Viet Ha

Make the trip out to South Sacramento to savor Viet Ha’s enormous bowl of seafood rice noodle soup, featuring fish balls, fat shrimp and chunks of calamari in an aromatic, comforting broth. The silky rice noodles tend to slither quickly off chopsticks, but the challenge is well worth the effort – this is a terrific treat on a blustery day (and for only $6.50, it won’t drain your wallet).

6534 Florin Road, Sacramento, (916) 424-5685


Gambas al Ajillo

Tapa the World

One of Tapa the World’s most beloved appetizers, scrumptious Gambas al Ajillo is the perfect way to launch a meal at this vibrant midtown restaurant. The kitchen sautés bouncy-tender, pink rock shrimp with a generous amount of olive oil, garlic, fresh chopped parsley, white wine and dried red chili flakes, creating an irresistible and super-fragrant broth that you’ll want to sop up with chunks of bread.


Dungeness Crab and Bay Shrimp Salad

Selland’s Market-Café

This bountiful, fresh salad is a tasty tumble of romaine lettuce and heaps of Dungeness crab and Bay shrimp. Topped with shredded egg and a sprinkling of chives, and served up with a housemade Thousand Island dressing, it’s a refreshing, light treat for lunch or dinner.


Frito Misto


Bored of conventional deep-fried calamari? Check out OneSpeed’s fantastic Frito Misto, a fun and inspired pile of battered-and-fried Gulf shrimp, fennel chunks, peppers, garbanzo beans, olives and thin lemon slices. Served up with a garlicky aioli sauce, this addictive appetizer is substantial enough to be a full meal for a single person. But be prepared – everyone at the table will want to dig in.