5 Fabulous (and Seafoody) Sandwiches


After plowing my way through a spectacular smoked trout sandwich from Juno’s Kitchen and Delicatessen recently, I got to thinking about some of the memorable seafood-centric sandwiches I have enjoyed so far this year. None are quite as creative as Junos’ smoked trout sandwich, which pairs the fish with thin apple slices, arugula, and Manchego cheese – a truly inspired combination of flavors – but each was absolutely delicious.

Shady Lady Saloon’s Shrimp Po’ Boy is a feast for the senses: crusty beer-battered shrimp, tossed in a palate-tingling hot sauce, are piled atop a hoagie roll and embellished with Napa cabbage and red onions. Ridiculously messy and challenging to consume, the scrumptious sandwich is best when accompanied by a cold brew and lots of napkins.

The grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich at Fins Market & Grill is another winner – composed on a tangy “sourwheat” walnut bread, the dish features juicy slabs of moist fish and a generous slathering of the restaurant’s chunky, vibrant tartar sauce. Dazzling in its simplicity, the sandwich is even tastier with a side of the kitchen’s crunchy cabbage slaw.

I have been a fan of Café Bernardo’s grilled salmon BLT for years. Who could resist this sandwich, which pairs a tender chunk of salmon with thick slices of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes atop basil mayonnaise-smeared, grilled sourdough wheat bread? After you devour this popular menu item, traditional BLT’s will seem boring by comparison.

Auburn’s Little Belgium Deli & Beer Bar plates up a vivacious tuna wasabi sandwich I thoroughly relished. A frisky and innovative version of an iconic lunch staple, the beer-friendly nosh features white albacore tuna mixed with a spicy wasabi mayonnaise. Constructed on sturdy multi grain bread spread with cream cheese, the sandwich is stacked with lettuce, cucumber and avocado, offering a fun mélange of textures.