Oh, Holy Neat!

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Jackie Sueyres

Professional organizer Jackie Sueyres of NEAT Method Sacramento shares tips for keeping your holidays full of good tidings through tidiness.

Have yourself a messy little Christmas stash? Does your holiday décor take eight days and eight nights to pull together? Put an organizing session with Jackie Sueyres on your wish list. The owner of NEAT Method Sacramento, she creates more luxurious and smartly appointed homes, businesses and offices through uncluttering and organizing spaces both big (garages) and small (junk drawers).

Bringing order and accessibility to your belongings can be especially beneficial during the holidays, when tangled twinkle lights and unruly wrapping abound. Here, Sueyres reveals some of her favorite ways to keep all your holiday accoutrements in order—so from now on your clutter will be out of sight.

Jackie Sueyres
Jackie Sueyres

wrapping paper

Wrapping Supplies

Ever dream of having an entire room dedicated to wrappings and ribbons? Here’s the next best thing. Sueyres recommends creating a wrapping bin that stores everything tidily, using containers that you can easily pull out and spread out across any working surface. “Everything is organized and accessible while you wrap your gifts, and when you’re done, it all tucks back into the bin, nice and neat,” explains Sueyres.


Sweater Storage

From cozy to ugly, winter sweaters take up a ton of room. Sueyres stores hers efficiently by using a file fold technique. This takes up less drawer space, eliminates the risk of shoulder marks caused by hangers and allows you to see all of your sweaters at once. Check out @organize.sacramento on Instagram for her video tutorial.


Party Provisions

Store paper plates, plastic utensils, cocktail napkins, toothpicks, candles and other festive flair in clear, stackable containers, so it’s easy to check—and access—your party supplies. This system will also keep things from getting crumpled and crushed, as they often do when left loose in drawers and boxes.


Declutter and Donate

“The holidays are the perfect time to go through your current toy stash and donate the items your kids no longer use,” says Sueyres. “Not only does it make room for the gifts to come, but it’s also an opportunity for your kids to ‘gift’ toys to other children.”