Museum Time!

Photo from CA Museum Coloring Book
bear museum

You could potentially be busier than you were before the stay-at-home order if you were to explore even a fraction of the educational and entertainment opportunities provided by local museums.

Sacramento History Museum—Tour the Old Sacramento Waterfront or the Historic City Cemetery virtually with free Anytime Tours. Guides Pete and Ruby lead you through historic landmarks along the waterfront, or tell stories of 10 dead residents of the cemetery, including May Hollister Woolsey, who died as a child, and John Sutter Jr.

California State Capitol Museum—The state Capitol may be locked up tight, but you can still see much of its contents at the Capitol Museum’s website. Virtual tours include Architecture: Symbols of a Changing Democracy, Historic Rooms: The West Wing, California’s Art Collection, Capitol Park and more.

Aerospace Museum of California—Hands-on activities for children and families include easy-to-replicate demonstrations, such as a DIY hovercraft project, on the museum’s Facebook page.

California Museum—The museum offers a distance learning program that is aligned with Common Core and California State Content standards. Educational activities having to do with California history, culture and arts will be released through the end of this school year as downloadable PDFs and shareable Google Classroom assignments. Click here to view CA Museum Coloring Book.

California State Railroad Museum—“All Aboard for Story Time!” features local notables reading children’s railroad-related books. Watch them on Facebook Live on Mondays at 11 a.m. or check them out later on Facebook @CaliforniaStateRailroad Museum or @CaliforniaStateRailroadMuseumFoundation.

Crocker Art Museum—Virtual art and gallery tours are available at the museum’s blog and YouTube channel, as well as on social media @crockerart.

California Automobile Museum—You can enjoy the museum for $4 per month by becoming a member via its Patreon page. Video tours highlight featured exhibits, interviews with car owners and deep dives into the unique features and historical significance of cars in the museum’s collection. A VIP membership, for $10 per month, will give you access to exclusive stories.

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park—How-to children’s videos about topics such as “How to Make Hard Tack” and “How to Make a Paper Boat” are available via the fort’s Facebook page.

Center for Sacramento History—If you visit, you’ll find original film productions, a “staff favorites” section with regularly updated film clips, and recordings of past Speaker Series sessions, such as “Devoted to the Union: Sacramento and the Civil War,” by Dr. Glenna Mathews; “The Time is Now: The Civic Life of Sacramento’s Nathaniel Colley,” by Dr. Mark Brilliant; and “Red Menace! The Sacramento Conspiracy Trial of 1935” by Dr. Kathryn Olmsted.

Museum of Medical History—You can access a virtual tour, which was originally launched 10 years ago, that highlights intriguing medical artifacts here. In addition, articles on interesting aspects of medical history are available here.

Roseville Utility Exploration Center—Families can discover comic books, coloring pages, craft ideas, science lessons and ways to continue to learn while having some fun. Visit