COVID-19: By the Numbers 4/20/21

It’s been 397 days since stay-at-home orders were issued to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Here’s where we are.
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Here are the current numbers for COVID-19 cases and deaths by county in the greater Sacramento region. We’ll update them daily.

Sacramento County cases: 101,665
Sacramento County deaths: 1,647
Weekend + 24-hour cases change: +607

Yolo County cases: 13,562
Yolo County deaths: 200
24-hour cases change: not yet updated

Placer County cases: 21,878
Placer County deaths: 283
24-hour cases change: +127

El Dorado County cases: 9,777
El Dorado County deaths: 109
24-hour cases change: +58

Amador County cases: 1,749
Amador County deaths: 38
24-hour cases change: +2

Yuba-Sutter Area cases: 15,366
Yuba-Sutter County deaths: 153
24-hour cases change: not yet updated

Nevada County cases: 4,464
Nevada County deaths: 75
24-hour cases change: +7