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async labs device

Ansync Labs

Have you ever wished there was a sensor on your sliding glass door so your pets can go in and out as they pleased,...
highway 88

Make a Date with Highway 88

Californians (and visitors to California) know coastal Highway 1 and Highway 395 in the Eastern Sierra as perhaps the two most scenic roadways in...
Ryan Racz community

Local Community Heroes

While many people have faced difficult challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, the extraordinary efforts of others have made those challenges a bit easier to...
apple hill

Apple Hill Welcomes Visitors in a New Way

Autumn and winter drives to El Dorado County’s Apple Hill have been family traditions for generations. The meandering journey through the colorful Sierra foothills...

Oak Ridge High School Cheerleading

Training begins with summer camps in June, ramping up to six days a week, two and a half hours a day. Perseverance and commitment...
musician patrick walsh

Local Musician Inspired by Sierra Foothills – Meet Patrick Walsh

El Dorado County songwriter and performer Patrick Walsh is a musician whose work is difficult to classify by genre.Walsh, a popular artist who performs...