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Element 79

Dining in the Vines With Element 79

Have you ever tasted a wine, and said to yourself, ‚ÄúMmmmm!‚ÄĚ Then, you have a bite of something really delicious and thought, ‚ÄúSlso, mmmmm.‚ÄĚ...
behind the cellar door sobon

Behind the Cellar Door Coming in March

Close your eyes, and think back to a pre-pandemic time spent in wine country, basking in the sun amongst the gnarled old grapevines, sipping on a...

Bokisch: A Taste of Spain

Liz and Markus Bokisch are local wine visionaries and pioneers. In the late 1990s, they were some of the first in California to wholeheartedly commit to the cultivation and vinification of Spanish...
Valensin Vineyards & Winery

Wine on the Lake

Hard to believe it now, but the middle of January saw temperatures in the mid-70s in the Sacramento region. I decided to take advantage of the spring-like weather and head...
vineyard 1869

Vineyard 1869

f you travel 42 miles east of Sacramento, you’ll find Amador County tucked into the Sierra Nevada foothills. You may know this region as the...
la mesa vineyards

New Winery in Amador

When Come Lague and his spouse, Charlene Li, traveled through the Shenandoah Valley on the way to a family getaway in Grizzly Flats, they had no idea...
hill top oaks winery

Hill Top Oaks Winery

High atop a hill in Loomis, you can gaze out over one of the most expansive and breathtaking views of the Sacramento Valley. Soon, you will...
amador wine

Home for the Holidays With Amador

Staying home and away from friends and family is difficult especially at this time of year, but local wineries are doing their best to...
E16 sparkling wine

Celebrate With Local Sparkling

The holidays are upon us but they feel pretty different this year. With COVID-19, we’ve scaled down or canceled our seasonal traditions. We are...
holiday winery

Winery Holiday Markets

In a year that seems to have lasted for eons, the holiday season is suddenly upon us. For many of us, traditions are being set aside as...