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lake tahoe 72 miles of pure magic

Lake Tahoe: 72 Miles of Pure Magic

While descending the grade from Echo Summit into the Tahoe Basin on Highway 50, mixed emotions boil up. Within sight distance, the lake beckons,...
explore tiburn

Explore: Tiburon

If you don’t know it’s there, it’s entirely possible to miss it. Nestled into the North Bay and just minutes north of San Francisco...

Bears in Tahoe

Summer in Tahoe means bears. (Anymore, any season in Tahoe seems to mean bears.) Art director Gabe Teague shot this video of a black...
explore carmel valley

Explore: Carmel Valley

In Carmel Valley, people enjoy fine food and wine, plus scenic meadows and mountains, away from coastal fog.I was afraid I might panic in...
12 great hikes around sacramento

12 Great Hikes Around Sacramento

TIME TO LACE UP YOUR WALKING SHOES. The outdoor season is afoot, and the greater Sacramento region is rich with hiking opportunities. To help...
1960 winter olympic games in lake tahoe

The 1960 Olympic Winter Games at Tahoe

If you weren’t around to witness the 1960 Winter Olympics at Lake Tahoe, you can still experience the sites where the games were held...
explore lodi

Explore: Lodi

Anchored by a renovated old town and lots of wineries, the Lodi region (which includes the communities of Woodbridge, Acampo and Lockeford) lies about...

Explore Alameda

From Interstate 880, through an ugly industrial stretch, across the bridge spanning the Oakland Estuary, Park Street teems with eateries, shops, a food hall,...
Barnett Vineyards in St. Helena, Napa Valley

Explore: Napa Valley

In 2019, several of my girlfriends eagerly shepherded me to Napa Valley two days before my wedding. On the classic bachelorette romp, we wine-tasted,...
small towns by the sea

Small Towns by the Sea

Winter brings a particular charm to the California coast—fewer people, mainly, so you can find a place to park and you’re likely to discover...