Monday, March 25, 2019
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Women in Wine

Women in Wine

While men still dominate the winegrowing business, women are coming on strong. Here are four from the Sacramento region who are making their mark...
sugar and spice

Sugar and Spice

Dreamy creams, gilded fixtures and luxe touches make this English cottage home a ladylike haven. Home to: Elizabeth, Katheryn and Christen Hughes Neighborhood: East Sacramento Stats: 3...
Peak Solitude

Peak Solitude

Whether you go glam (or glamping), Yosemite in the wintertime brings a special quiet beauty and the place to yourself. Six years ago, inside what...
Beers and Cameras

Point, Click, Connect

Local photographers get together to take pictures and drink beer. As hobbies go, photography isn’t an especially social one. Unlike, say, book clubs or knitting...
Olive Harvest

Not Far From the Tree

A volunteer places three small plastic cups in front of each audience member. The vessels are filled halfway, each with a different type and...
Barn Rising

Barn Raising

San Leandro-based Drake’s Brewing Company is the latest Bay Area establishment to expand its footprint to the Sacramento region. Occupying one of the area’s...
Rebecka Smith

Rolling In It

Milk Money’s Rebecka Smith dishes on her new gig. Pastry chef Rebecka Smith turned a childhood love of baking cookies and pies with her grandmother...

A Scent Just For You

Local perfumer mixes molecules to create a unique fragrance for each customer. Tyler Monk has an unusual job. He’s a nose, otherwise known as a...
La Crosta Pizza Bar

Pizza Plus

Owners of The Rind put a new spin on pizza. When The Rind opened in 2012, it was Sacramento’s only cheese-focused restaurant. (Still is.) Its...


Eat Farm to Fork
Eat Farm to Fork