Thursday, April 18, 2019
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What’s Your Trip?

30 Destinations in Northern California One of Sacramento’s claims to fame is its proximity to great getaways. As Sacramento magazine celebrates its 30th anniversary...

Weekend Escapes

As the new year begins, strive to take better care of yourself. That doesn't necessarily mean another diet or exercise routine. Rather, resolve to...

The Golf Life

What’s so great about living in a golf course community? Sure, there’s the golf, but it turns out there’s lots more...The golf is what...

72 Reasons To Love Golf in Northern California and Nevada

I’m guessing Arnie had no idea how many others would also fall hard for the game. We love to hit the long ball and...

Proving a Miracle

Dave Schumacher, Bob Fleming, Marc Arcuri and Dan Condie have been a foursome for a decade. All play in low single digits. They take...

On the Tee, the Eastwood Twosome

When you hear Clint Eastwood’s name mentioned or see it in print, it’s frequently accompanied by the words, “consummate,” “legendary” or “treasured.” Eastwood is...

3 Great Golf Getaways

The Northern California Golf Guide’s three-state coverage area is resplendent with opportunities to get away for a weekend—or more—of spectacular play. We explore three...


Eat Farm to Fork
Eat Farm to Fork