Food & Drink


Burger Shift

Ever since the pandemic completely disrupted what it means to dine out, bars and restaurants have been scrambling to reinvent themselves in order to survive...
michelin minivan delivery

Michelin Food on Wheels

When COVID-19 shut things down in March, local restaurant worker J.D. Snead started cooking at home to keep from going crazy—“cooking for sanity,” he...

Beast+Bounty Comes Back With an Outdoor Pizza Garden

Beast+Bounty, which has been closed since the pandemic shut restaurants down in March, plans to launch an open-air pizza and natural wine garden just...

Restaurant Quality, Now Available at Home

COVID-19 has a lot of businesses on the ropes. Restaurants, of course, have taken a beating. So, too, have the companies that supply food...
the doobie bar

If You Like Piña Coladas

Responding to changes in the business environment under COVID-19, The Snug, a cozy Irish pub on 15th Street, has rebranded itself as an outdoor yacht-rock bar. The pandemic...
r street closure

Another Pandemic Silver Lining: Lively Streets

Who would’ve thought it would take a global health crisis to goose Sacramento’s street life? With the recent order to halt indoor dining, bars...
crisp catering

Dinner, Delivered

When your restaurant is forced to close because of the pandemic, what do you do? If you’re Joe Thompson, you start a family meal delivery business,...
the new pioneers farm

The New Pioneers

When COVID-19 upended our world in March, many of us found ourselves contemplating a new way of life, whether we wanted to or not....
naturally ella

Nailing the ‘gram

Erin Alderson, the creative mind behind the vegetarian cooking website Naturally Ella, is also an accomplished photographer whose photography studio, Grove Haus, celebrates the...
state fair food to go

State Fair To Go

With the state fair canceled this summer due to the pandemic, how are you going to get your deep-fried Twinkie fix? Easy: Through CA...