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davis village feast

Davis Village Feast Returns—Virtually

On Saturday, Oct. 9, the Village Feast—an annual lunch held at a communal long table in Davis Central Park in the style of a...
steaks and grapes benefit dinner

Steaks & Grapes: Benefit Dinner for Caldor Fire Fund

Although fire crews continue to gain greater control over the Caldor Fire, many residents and businesses will feel the effects of the fire for...
diana flores

Diana Flores, Sac City Unified’s Central Kitchen

If you’ve ever had to feed a crowd a healthy, delicious meal on a super-tight budget, then you have an inkling of what Diana...
tower bridge dinner chefs

The Tower Bridge Chefs

To prepare this year’s Tower Bridge Dinner, UC Davis Health’s executive chef Santana Diaz (center) will lead a team of chefs that includes (from...
The Macaron Cookbook

Ginger Elizabeth Announces ‘Macaron Cookbook’

Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, owner of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates and Ginger Elizabeth Patisserie, is coming out with a book on how to make her famous...
Green Phunque at C. Knight’s Steakhouse

C. Knight’s Steakhouse’s Green Phunque

Often a restaurant’s star dishes aren’t the entrées but the sides that accompany them. Take the “Green Phunque” at C. Knight’s Steakhouse in El...
poppy by mama kim slider

Mama Kim Returns

Opening a restaurant was never a particularly easy endeavor. But opening a restaurant during a global pandemic adds an extra level of difficulty. It’s...
S'mores winner pastry chef jackie robinson

Get Your S’mores

If you love s’mores (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to know about S’moresfest, an under-the-stars fundraiser for YMCA of Superior California.Early-bird tickets are now...
better half bagel

Better Half Bagel

When a New York Times food critic wrote last March that some of the country’s best bagels were being produced in—gasp!—California, it took a...
midtown spirits

New Restaurant: Midtown Spirits

Bringing a distillery back to Sacramento’s central city was a long time coming—there hadn’t been one in the city limits since Prohibition until Jason...