Food & Drink

chef dave nelson

On the Inside

How a cooking class for inmates is changing lives. Chef Dave Nelson has taught the ins and outs of the restaurant industry to countless people...
pea soup

Hot Ticket

After seeing (and eating) the world, Gabriel Glasier returns to cook in Winters. You’ve got to be fast to score a ticket to one of...
where's the beef

Where’s the Beef?

Meatless burgers are all the rage these days. Sacramento’s new BURGER PATCH is the latest to hop on the trend with a 100 percent...
Katie Kinner-Kerksieck Cacio

Master Servant

Watching Katie Kinner-Kerksieck run the front of the house at Cacio, a popular Italian restaurant in Sacramento’s Pocket neighborhood, is like taking a master...

Mood Enhancers

Three takes on the art of restaurant ambience. The most memorable restaurants and bars don’t just excel at serving great food and drinks. They craft...

New in Brew

The craft beer scene continues to grow and grow. Defying dour predictions of a bursting bubble and bucking the nationwide trend of plateauing sales, the...
Shrimp Scampi Logtown Social Club

Bite Club

A members-only dining room where everybody knows your name. Chef Carolyn Kumpe spent nearly two decades cooking for big-name restaurants in San Francisco and elsewhere,...
Scott and Paul Origami Asian Grill


It may be the most unusual and ambitious dining experience in Sacramento. Most of the time, Origami Asian Grill is a budget-friendly, fast-casual restaurant in...