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Pip Pip Hooray

Pip Pip Hooray!

Amy Grabish was in high school when she learned that a friend’s mom called her a pip—not exactly a term of endearment as far as...
love child

Drink Up!

LOVE CHILD, the new eatery from the owner of LowBrau, is all about plant-based options, with a menu that includes a vegan version of In-N-Out’s...

It’s Tempranillo Time!

This weekend, Lodi welcomes wine lovers with its fifth annual Tour of Tempranillo.Tempranillo is a red grape varietal of Spanish origin and the fourth most widely planted wine grape in the world (behind cabernet sauvignon, merlot and airen). Known...
the rind

Restaurateurs to Diners: Behave!

The pandemic is getting to all of us. Local bars and restaurants, in particular, are struggling as customers act out in response to masking orders and the state requirement that...
taste of heaven chicken

DP’s Taste of Heaven

For Damion Price, the passion for cooking started when he was 8 years old, after his mom said the barbecue chicken he made her was the best she ever had.After...
atom burger

Have It Your Way

Longtime Sacramento chef Adam Pechal has revived the ATOM BURGER from his now-defunct Tuli Bistro. Choice is the name of the game: You pick...
rancho roble

On Wine: Mini Lincoln Wine Fest this Weekend

In the age of COVID, most large wine events have been cancelled or postponed. The community of Lincoln, however, is making lemonade out of...
Joanne Suavillo Lumpia Food Truck

Ready to Roll

Joanne Suavillo is no stranger to the art of making lumpia, the crispy Filipino spring rolls that are so addictive it’s impossible to eat just one. “Growing up, my...
sibling steak tartare

New Sibling

When Danny and Olga Turner opened Pushkin’s Bakery in 2013, gluten-free products weren’t particularly easy to find outside of a handful of health food...
Leo Hickman tea

Steeped in Wisdom

Have a question about tea? Leo Hickman likely has the answer. The tea sommelier and owner of Classy Hippie Tea Co. is a world traveler and Air...