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I passed a note by delgado

Then and Now: Raphael Delgado

THEN. Ten years ago, Raphael Delgado was fresh out of art school. It was a period in his budding career when his artwork reflected a “somewhat...
sacramento philharmonic opera

The Magic We Missed

Back in February (a million years ago in coronavirus stay-at-home time), the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera was gearing up to put on a spectacular...
axis gallery

Getting the E-Hang of It

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis many of life’s activities have been sequestered to, or re-imagined on, the internet. Some of those transformations...
Gioia Fonda

Then and Now: Gioia Fonda

THEN. An avid bicyclist, Gioia Fonda recalls pedaling through the streets of her neighborhood while dodging mountains of garbage that belonged to the victims of foreclosure, eviction or house flippers....
Sonya Fe painting

Then and Now: Sonya Fe

THEN. When Sonya Fe was a little girl, her father would take her into downtown Los Angeles on the bus. There, she remembered admiring lovely paintings depicting Mexican women...
b street anthony djuan

Virtual Virtuosity from B Street

All the world wide web is a stage, at least for Sacramento’s renowned B Street Theatre and its deep bench of talented and adaptable...
Paint can, 2019, by Gale Hart

Then and Now: Gale Hart

THEN. The allure and nostalgia of the circus wasn’t on Gale Hart’s mind when she curated “Circus Show and Other Atrocities” at Verge Gallery...
gamez mural

Then and Now: Franceska Gamez

THEN. In 2015, Franceska Gamez, along with her fiancé, Shaun Burner, and the Trust Your Struggle Collective, roamed the streets of Barcelona looking for...
meditation artists

Then and Now: Sacramento Artists

SACRAMENTO’S ARTISTS ALL USE ART FOR A PURPOSE. Whether it’s to make a statement, to connect with people or to get lost in a distraction...
lara downes

Lara Downes Goes Live—Yes, Live!

A live show? Yes! And we’re talking classy … In an event billed as “the first live concert in California since quarantine,” a claim that sounds incredible...